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Auction Equipment Leasing & Financing
American Capital Group gives you the option to use our financing services for equipment being sold at auction. We can get you approved for an amount and you can take it to auction, like money in your pocket, ready to buy.
Services We Provide
  • Sale Leaseback program: already purchased at auction? ACG can still finance your equipment, even after you’ve purchased it!
  • 100% Financing: we finance the cost of the equipment, as well as soft costs like installation and shipping.
  • Fast Approval - Know how much you’re approved to spend at auction within 1 week!
See the benefits of leasing & financing compared to cash or loans.
How To Get Started
  1. Fill out our application detailing equipment type and cost.
  2. We will get you approved for financing for a certain amount, and give you an approval letter to take with you to auction.
  3. Time to shop! With ACG in your pocket, you’re sure to come home with the equipment you need.
Have More Questions? We have answers.
If you are interested in leasing your equipment from an auction, check out our blog for more information, or call for a free no obligation quote at (949) 822-3017
. You can also email us at