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Forget the hassle of Renting. Lease your Food Truck today!
We lease and finance for those with an established business of 3 years or more!
Food Truck Leasing & Financing for Established Businesses
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American Capital Group is unique when it comes to financing commercial food trucks with trust and ease. Many believe that renting is the only viable option in the Food Truck industry, but that is far from the truth. Financing is the top way for an established restaurant business to get their Food Truck today. It can leave cash open for other investments that are necessary to for business. It can also lead to ownership of the equipment you want and need.

Our financing programs are always up to par to exceed your business expectations. We lease and finance for those with an established business of 3 years or more!.
Advantages of leasing Food Trucks
  • Bundle Multiple Equipment Together - Get mobile food truck, kitchen equipment, and cooking appliance as one lease package for a simple monthly payment.
  • Conserve Your Cash Flow - By leasing your catering truck, you can free up cash that can be used for other purpose like food supplies or new hires
  • Flexible Terms - By leasing, you breakout the purchase of your food truck or other restaurant equipment into different terms, allowing you to match your revenue to lease payments over the lease term
  • Lower True Cost of Ownership - Deduct the cost of food truck in a single tax year rather than a little at a time over a number of years using Section 179 deduction
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Food Truck Equipments We Finance:

  • Food Truck  Leasing
  • Catering Truck Leasing
  • Food Concession Trailers Leasing
  • Mobile Food Truck Leasing
  • Used Food Truck Leasing
  • Mobile Restaurant  Leasing
  • Food Truck Equipment Leasing
  • Vending Truck Leasing
  • Mobile Catering Truck Leasing
  • And More…

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