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Healthy Vending Machine Leasing
With the healthy changes in business practices of vending machine recently, the vending machine market is expected to go up to 35.2 million unit by 2015.  As a result of greater demand for health food and organic product, many vending machines are now loaded with healthier options for kids and health conscious individuals. New health food vending machines now come with LCD screen with streaming video graphics and credit card ability. They are more energy efficient than traditional vending machines. As a company that specialized in vending machines financing, American Capital Group can offer flexible leasing option for buying or upgrading your vending machines.
Advantages of health food vending machine leasing
  • Staying ahead of your competitors - whenever your lease term ends, you can upgrade your healthy vending machines and get the latest technologies to increase your sales.
  • Conserve Your Cash Flow - by leasing your equipment, you can free up cash that can be used for other purpose like increasing inventory or new snacks
  • Secure better location - by leasing, you can secure more location without having to save up for an machine purchase
How American Capital Group is different from other leasing companies
  • Better Service - Our 5 star customer service rating proves that our company can serve thousands of satisfied customers and deliver a consistent positive experience
  • Leasing your equipment may provide significant tax advantages vs. other types of equipment financing. Discuss these advantages with your tax adviser to determine which program works best for your business
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