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Farm Equipment Financing
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Farming equipment is more than machinery - it's your livelihood. The difference between getting by and getting ahead. With your hard earn money on the line and your bottom line a constant concern, it is important to know how leasing agricultural equipment and internet technologies can help your business.

Advantages of Financing Farm Equipment
  • Reduce downtime, keeps newer equipment in your fleet longer
  • Increase your cash flow with lower payment and generally lower upfront cost
  • Beneficial in situation where the farm equipment is only needed for a short period of time without concern of buying that equipment at the end of that time
  • Pay for the use of the agricultural equipment, return it at lease end or exercise your purchase option
American Capital Group can help with your farm equipment financing need

Financing agricultural equipment is easy when you lease with American Capital Group. If you are looking to add new machinery, upgrade tractors, or other farming equipment needs please call us at (949) 822-3017
or fill out a free quote form below. We will quickly provide you with a payment estimate so that you can easily assess the best way to lease farm equipment.

Farm Equipment Leasing Examples:

  • Tractors
  • Dairy Equipment
  • ATV
  • John Deere Equipment
  • Backhoe
  • Zero Turn Mowers
  • Bush Hog
  • Farm Supplies

Benefits of Leasing:

  • Conserve Working Capital
  • Tax Deduction
  • Immediate Write-Offs
  • Flexible Terms and Conditions
  • Financial Statement not required

3 Easy Steps to Get your Equipment

  1. Request a free quote or call (949) 822-3017
  2. Secure Approval and Sign Documentation
  3. Order your Equipment