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Leasing & Financing Stretch Wrap Machines
American Capital Group is proud to be able to help you lease your own state of the art liquid stretch wrap machines, turntables and portable dispenser. Our financing programs are always up to par to exceed your business expectations. If you are looking to lease or finance automatic stretch wrap machine, we would like to help you get there.
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Services We Provide
  • One page application for up to $150k without financials
  • Finance Equipment and soft cost (software, training and installation) as one single payment
  • Fast Approval - Get your equipment up and running in a week!
  • Full Service - We will contact the vendor and inspect the equipment for you!
See the benefits of leasing & financing compared to cash or loans.
Equipment We Finance
  • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap
  • Manual Stretch Wrap Machine
  • Automatic Stretch Wrap
  • High Profile Turntable
  • Low Profile Turntable
  • Portable Dispenser
  • Strapping Machinery
  • Stretch Wrapper Machines
  • And More…
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