Dependable leasing solutions when you need them
  • An easy and fast way to get the equipment you need
  • Conserve cash for unplanned events
  • Tax Benefits

Leasing & Financing 101


It is first best to understand what leasing is, as well as the pros and cons of leasing. Making sure that leasing is the best option for you is a great first step in order to figure out what programs will serve you with the greatest returns.

Leasing is a contractual agreement where a lessor (leasing company) provides the lessee (client), the right to use its equipment for a specified length of time contingent on a specified payment plan. Depending on the client’s needs, the lessee may purchase, return, or continue to lease the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Why Lease?

If you are looking into getting equipment, it is important to know if you want to own the equipment or use it as a source of profit generation. If you want to own something and have it gain profits you are most likely looking into real estate, collectibles, patents, etc, because these items appreciate in price over time.

 Other items, such as equipment in this case, which are used continuously through and through, depreciate in price over time and will not produce a profit when it is no longer needed; this is where leasing comes in. When you are dealing with equipment that needs to constantly be maintained, repaired, and replaced due to constant technological advances, buying equipment seems obsolete.

This is even more important to show many that buying equipment is not always the best option.


Our lease payments can be molded and formed to fit your needs before anything else. From project revenues, seasonal cash flow changes, projected profits, budget limits, and other monetary responsibilities, our leases will be shaped to format your needs and your limitations.

 Our leases can be structured to have no payments for up to 6 months, longer amortizations, or any other optional alternatives that gives you more comfortability and flexibility. Even more is that we know that some businesses may be seasonal or nervous about leasing and that is why we always do our very nest to match your payments to the logical time period in which you will actually be using the equipment, and also let you upgrade when necessary without any penalties or hidden fees.

With no hidden fees and programs that are tailored to you instead of programs that we make you tailor yourself too, we are always the best in the business and do the very best we can to get you whatever equipment you need, when you need it.

Everyone Really Does Lease

Every organization around the world leases equipment, from proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, government agencies, to non-profits. Ranging from almost every equipment need imaginable, over 80% of American businesses lease at least one of their equipment needs, and over 90% say that they would do so again. This is because leasing allows you to form programs that fit your needs and your monetary budgets.

It also allows you to write off the costs of your present equipment as it is being used, and also allows you to trade it in for new and greater technology when available.

Tax Benefits

Through Article 179, it is now possible to get paid in advance when you want to begin adding equipment to your roster. Up to $100,000 can be written off for small businesses because of this. By having the government pay its share you can have your equipment with no stress for up to almost a year without payments. If you do not qualify for Article 179 do not worry!

 If you have your lease payments written off as you make them, you can take away any need for depreciation schedules and can also get a faster write off overall. This will help you to get your cash freed up and open door other investments or needs that you and your business may have.

Extra Cash

Even savvy business men and women still believe that paying cash up front is the best way to obtain their equipment needs. However, paying cash can end up being the most expensive route in the long run. Liquidity is important in a business, and if you have a slow month or your profits do not quite meet your needs, you need to have money available to pay your employees, pay your bills, and pay yourself!

Having all your money gone and spent on endless equipment is not the way to go in this case. Having reserves readily available is business 101 and a key part in making sure you invest the right way within your business needs.

100% Financing ALL AROUND

American Capital Group finances 100% and also goes beyond the call of duty to cover additional costs in order to make sure that everything is done easily and to your convenience from beginning to end. We not only make sure that your equipment is sealed, signed, and delivered, but we also make sure that all the scheduling is taken care of, all the installation is properly done, and that all the necessary training costs are covered so that you can jump right in to your new equipment and reap the benefits from day one.

Furthermore, we are not like banks in that we will not bother you with surprise visits or phone calls to questions the equipment, as long as you simply make your payments. After your lease term is up, based on what you prefer, we can either sell you the equipment at the current fair market value which is always minimal (and you will have already have had the payments expensed directly for tax purposes), or you can return the equipment back to us.

Why Not Use A Bank?

Having open lines of credit is incredibly helpful when it comes to unforeseen expenses, spur of the moment investments, or immediate need to keep your business running. In this case, banks are where you want to make sure you have open credit and use it wisely.

Using up those lines of credit for simple equipment transactions is not always the best option, especially as banks are extremely more difficult to work with, less flexible, deliver less options, and are not fast paced in this area. Banks ask for blanket liens, escalator clauses, very restrictive covenants, call anytime conditions, compensating balance requirements, and also ask for a lot more money down up front than other lenders do.

In this area specifically, ACG is proud to serve our clientele with easy one page applications, flexible programs and rates, simplified and easy documentation, extremely fast turnaround times, and do not ask for financial statements in majority of cases. In order to serve you and serve you best, ACG does what it takes.