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American Capital Group provides flexible payment, deferred payment and financing programs tailor to your specific business needs
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Embroidery Machine Leasing
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American Capital Group offers a wide range of leasing and financing programs specifically designed for small to mid-size businesses. Whether you're expanding or upgrading embroidery machines, our experienced sales staff can help you tailor a leasing program that meet your need.
Advantages of Leasing Embroidery Machines
  • Bundled Package - Get commercial embroidery machines, monogram machines, embroidery sewing machines, delivery and installation cost together as one lease package for a low, simple monthly payment.
  • Conserve Your Cash Flow - by leasing your embroidery software, you can free up cash that can be used for other purpose like supplies or embroidery designs
  • Tax Advantages - by leasing, you may be able to take advantage of the tax benefits of when you lease embroidery machine designs and digitizing software
How American Capital Group is different from other leasing companies
  • Better Service - Our 5 star customer service rating proves that our company can serve thousands of satisfied customers and deliver a consistent positive experience
  • Full Service Company- We contact the embroidery vendor/seller, inspect the embroidery machines and arrange for payment & delivery.
  • Tailor Made Programs - Customized leasing programs that fit your business needs.
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Question about embroidery leasing? We can explain.
To learn more about our leasing programs,  please call us at (949) 822-3017
. If you prefer a quote via email please fill out our free quote form below or contact us. We will quickly provide you with a payment estimate so that you can easily assess the best way to lease embroidery machines.

Embroidery Equipment We Lease:

  • Embroidery Equipment
  • Embroidery machines
  • Commercial embroidery machines
  • Embroidery design software
  • Brothers embroidery machines
  • Commercial sewing machines
  • Used embroidery machines
  • Monogram machines

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

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  2. Secure Approval and Sign Documentation
  3. Order your Equipment